Healthy Homes Rating System - Basic

  • 2 Full Days
  • Continuing Education: 1.4 CEU

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Healthy Homes Rating System - Basic

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Many things threaten our health, and a surprising number of these things are in the home. This course will teach you how to evaluate and assess common problems found in unhealthy homes and the possible outcomes for those hazards.

The course focuses on four categories that include 29 hazards.

  • Physiological
  • Psychological
  • Infection
  • Safety

Each of the 29 hazards are assessed separately and weighted according to the likelihood of occurrence and the possible outcomes should the hazard result in harm. A variety of specialists may find this a valuable supplement to their current expertise, including:

  • Home Inspectors,
  • Public Health Inspectors,
  • Housing Rehab Contractors,
  • Code Enforcement Inspectors,
  • Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors.

Participants Receive

  • Training packet, (including the NCHH course manual and additional materials),
  • Classroom training,
  • Hands-on experience.

Course Features

  • Practice using the Healthy Homes rating system for evaluating risks posed by conditions found in the home
  • Practice using a risk based assessment system to consider the effect of hazards on occupant health
  • Practice using the comparison of risks associated with different types of hazards
  • A system for prioritizing corrective actions
  • HHRS assessment reporting