Lead Risk Assessor - Refresher

  • 1 Full Day
  • Continuing Education: 0.8 CEU

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Lead Risk Assessor - Refresher

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Certification Information:

To remain licensed/certified to perform lead-based paint (LBP)abatement, inspection, or risk assessment in target housing, you must complete an approved refresher course in each specialty. Lead Risk Assessors are NOT required to take both the inspector and risk assessor refreshers. If a risk assessor chooses not to take the inspector refresher, they will still be allowed to conduct an inspection. The application fee will be paid just for the Risk Assessor and they will be listed only on the IN list of Risk Assessors. Anyone wishing to be on both lists must take both classes.

The Institute courses are accepted in Indiana and Illinois (all except the worker class). In addition, the Institute courses are approved by the EPA which is all that is required for the states of Florida, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming. (Click here for more accreditation information)

Persons completing the course and attaining at least 70% on the course examination will be issued a certificate for completing the licensing/certification process. Recertification does not usually require re-taking the third party examination.

It is important to complete your refresher training in a timely fashion and to pay close attention to state-by-state variations:

Illinois: Renew your license annually and take your refresher every 3 years.
Indiana: Renew your training and your license every 3 years. Indiana gives up to 12 months variance on the training but only six months on the license.
EPA-only states: Renew your training every 3 years. (No license is required.)

Course Description

The Institute's approved refresher courses bring you up-to-date on changes in federal, state, and local regulations, provide details on state-of-the-art work practices, review the basic information included in the initial accreditation course, and offer participants an opportunity to raise questions and discuss common concerns with other lead-based paint professionals.

Participants Receive:

  • Study guide of important topics
  • Job tools to enhance performance
  • Hands-on experience to reinforce skills.

Course Features:

  • Update on state, federal and local lead regulations
  • Presentation of state-of-the-art methods for lead projects
  • Examination for state recertification.