OSHA Lead in Construction Worker - Initial

  • 1 Full Day
  • Continuing Education: 0.8 CEU

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OSHA Lead in Construction Worker - Initial

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Course Description

Lead-based paints are can still be used in industry, especially on steel structures. In addition, construction workers also encounter lead in during a variety of demolition and construction projects.

This course is designed to teach workers how to work with lead safely and how to use appropriate hygiene practices and personal protective equipment to protect themselves and their families. It also introduces them to the OSHA lead in construction standard and describes their rights and responsibilities under that standard.

Participants Receive

  • Institute course manual.
  • Classroom training.
  • Course Features:
  • Hazards of lead and LBP.
  • OSHA and EPA requirements for working with lead and lead-bearing wastes.
  • Procedures for working safely with LBP.
  • Appropriate PPE for various types of construction work disturbing lead and lead-based paints.