Environmental Chemistry - Basic

  • 2 Full Days
  • Continuing Education: 14 Technical Hours, 1.4 CEU

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Environmental Chemistry - Basic

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Course Description

Many occupational and environmental regulations are based upon the threats of common chemical contaminants. This course examines the effects of chemicals on human health and the environment and explores the ways in which chemicals move through the air, water, and soil.

Environmental Chemistry is designed for people who wish to increase their understanding of these environmental materials and transport processes so they can effectively comply with regulations and select appropriate treatment options.

Air, water, and waste issues are introduced and analyzed so participants can understand key chemical issues in complying with environmental regulations. In addition, this course shows the chemical basis of common remediation and treatment methods.

Participants Receive

  • Institute course manual.
  • Classroom training.

Course Features

  • How cycles of energy and matter control the environment.
  • How to use a laboratory effectively.
  • Air pollution: What it is and how to control it.
  • Issues in surface water and groundwater quality.
  • Soil and solid waste: What the problems are, and how to avoid and solve them.