Recent Tailored Classes

What Can We Teach Your People?

At the Environmental Management Institute we love a challenge. While we work hard to keep our regular courses current and interesting to trainees, we welcome the opportunity to teach a new course or a new version of an old course. Thus, we are always open to putting together a customized course in environmental health and safety to meet a client's special needs. Some of the courses we have recently put together are listed below. Contact us and give us a challenge!

Hazardous Materials Shipping. A client wanted to review their specific chemical shipping names and shipping paper requirements. We did some research and took the information and made it a 4-hour class.

Asbestos Designated Person. The Kentucky Division for Air Quality needed a contractor to help schools' designated persons comply with the law. We developed and taught a course that provided them with the information and the pre-written forms to enable them to be in compliance without adding an unnecessary time burden. In addition, we developed a large number of job aids to make this part-time attention work. The course successfully introduces these school employees to the concept of managing asbestos risk while complying with federal and Kentucky requirements.

If you have a course in mind to meet a current or future need, fill out our contract training request form and let show you how we can help.