Forms by Use by Asbestos Designated Persons / Program Managers

To assist asbestos program managers and AHERA designated persons in managing their responsibilities, the Institute provides a set of sample forms and documents. Forms specific to AHERA requirements for K-12 schools are marked DP.

Most documents are in Microsoft Word format so they can be completed electronically or modified for local use. If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Word, a downloadable free viewer is available. A few forms are in Microsoft Excel; a downloadable free Microsoft Excel viewer is available.

Checklists for Maintaining Compliance

Calendar-Triggered Items:

Event-Triggered Items:

Notification Requirements

Signs and Labels

Training Requirements

All Trained Persons:

All Training Events:

Asbestos Designated Person:

Asbestos Awareness Training Initial:

Asbestos Awareness Training Refresher:

Asbestos O&M Worker:

Asbestos Licensed Persons:

Inspection and Surveillance Requirements

Requirements for Performing Routine Work

Organizing to ensure maintenance work is performed and recorded properly:

Respiratory Protection Program Forms:

Fiber Release Episode Requirements

Excluding Newly Constructed Facilities from Inspection Requirements

* These materials are copyrighted by the Environmental Management Institute or their issuing state. You may make as many copies as many as you need for your own use but they must not be used as training materials without the written permission of the Institute.