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Do You Know what the federal government requires you to do if you do renovation, repair, or painting in pre-1978 homes or in child-occupied facilities?

You must presume that all coated surfaces in such buildings are lead-based paint unless you can prove otherwise.

By April 22, 2010, if you do work that could disturb more than minimal amounts of such coated surfaces, you must do several things to comply with the law:

  • Provide the U.S. EPA Renovate Right pamphlet to the owner and occupants (and document doing so).
  • Post warnings outside the work area.
  • Build critical barriers on openings to prevent the exit of lead dust.
  • Install cleanup barriers around the disturbance areas.
  • Not use torch-burning, high-temperature heat guns, or power tools not equipped with HEPA vacuums for any disturbance of coated surface.
  • Use HEPA vacuums and wet cleaning to clean the cleanup barriers, the work area, and the surrounding areas.
  • Verify and document your cleaning work.
  • Be (or work under the direct supervision of) a Certified Lead Renovator.
  • Work for a Certified Lead Renovation Firm.

What Can the Environmental Management Institute do to help me?

We can help keep you informed.

  • Find regulations and rule summaries on our website and elsewhere.
  • We will post regular updates through this page (the rule will be changing, and probably sooner rather than later).
  • We will respond to your e-mailed questions through the address at the top of the page.

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