Lead-Based Paint Activities Forms and Information

Federal Government Requirements

Do You Know what the federal government requires you to do if you do renovation, repair, or painting in pre-1978 homes or in child-occupied facilities?

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Certified Renovator Information

Client/Tenant Pre-work Education/Notification materials

Lead-Based Paint Activities Licensing / Accreditation Forms for Indiana, Illinois and EPA jurisdiction states

Lead-Based Paint Activities Videos

Additional Information for Inspectors

  • Excel Spreadsheet for Calculating Random Site Selections. I received a request from one of our licensed lead inspectors for a better way to do the HUD-mandated random site selection, so I whipped up this little offering. Feel free to use it; the instructions are near the top of the sheet. If someone wants to enhance it, I haven't had a chance yet to add the HUD Guidelines Table 7.3 so you wouldn't have to look up the correct sample numbers; send it along to me and I will be sure you get credit!
  • Excel Spreadsheet showing one way to present Niton XRF data summary at end of report.

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