Asbestos Floor Training

Question: I received a call from a commercial flooring contractor. What training do thon's people need to remove asbestos flooring?


So long as the material is removed substantially intact (that is, without creating small pieces of the flooring), the only training/certification requirement is from OSHA.

OSHA requires that the workers performing the removal have 8 hours of training and the supervisor ("competent person" have an additional 4 hours. All training has to incorporate the Resilient Floor Covering (RFCI) methods.

The simplest way for a company to meet the requirements would be to have a few people (1-3) attend our regularly scheduled 16-hour O&M course to complete the supervisor training, and then to have these persons train the 8-hour workers.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a customized training for workers and supervisors at the flooring company's site or here at the Institute.


The Law.

  1. OSHA defines flooring removal as Class II work.
  2. Following a court settlement with the flooring industry, OSHA established special rules for flooring removal. If the material is removed substantially intact, the rules require only 12 hours for the competent person and 8 hours for the worker. This training can be provided by the employer or by a training organization using the OSHA outline.

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